Digital Printing

Canon digital photocopiers are feature rich and offer outstanding image quality. The copiers use digital technology to ensure that each printed document is faithfully reproduced exactly as you intended. Dual and quad beam lasers produce pin sharp, accurate text and crisp blacks for a professional finish every time.

Colour photocopiers render images smoothly to give a full spectrum of perfect colour, essential for todays demanding business environment. The new Canon C1+ now features an additional clear toner which allows for even greater creativity, enabling spot varnishing and gloss highlighting effects.
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New Canon Colour imageRUNNER ADVANCE


The Canon colour imageRUNNER Advance C5000 series is the first of the next generation of Canon copiers or MFDs -Multifunctional Devices- to be brought to the market. The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE series introduces a complete redesign of the engine, and operation software that offers an easier user experience with more efficient workflows.


The devices are being marketed with "i" and non "i" models which indicates the printer languages that the machines support.

All imageRUNNER Advance machines have send functionality as standard, being able to scan & send documents from the machine to destinations such as email, shared folders on a network or an FTP site.

The non "i" models use canon's UFRII printer language and a URFII printer driver is provided with the machine. This technology uses the power of the clients PC to process and render the document prior to sending the data to the iR Advance device for printing.

If there is a requirement to print in colour with PCL or true Adobe PostScript choose an "i" version such as the C5030i , C5035i, C5045i or C5051i. The PostScript processing is now fully compatible true postscript, unlike emulated postscript as on previous models.

For advanced colour postscript printing Canon offer a choice of two Rastor Image Processors (Rips) from Fiery which complement the new print engine perfectly. Available as piggy back or standalone devices, the Rips offer additional benefits such as rip while print to speed up printing, extensive colour management tools and smart ripping of print jobs to reduce network traffic.

New advanced user display on Canon imageRUNNER Advance C5000 series copiers

New Clearer Display

The display has been redesigned and is now clearer and more intuitive than previous models.

Separate buttons provide access to sub menus such as Copy, Scan & Send, Fax etc.

These buttons are fully customizable and provide the user with an individual screen depending on who has logged on to the device.

The background images can also be changed for user preference and clarity.


The ImageRUNNER ADVANCE offers a cusomisable displayimagerunner advanceAdvanced Control

The new design of the display and control system enables users to setup workflows to suit their environment.

Together with a new version of iW360 the scanning or capturing of documents and their distribution is made much easier.

________Canon IW360 workflow software suite complements the imageRUNNER Advance devices


Faxing is still popular as a means of communication and plays an essential role in many office environments. The imageRUNNER Advance range can use a fax card built into one device and communicate with it via other imagerunner advance devices, saving the need for installing multiple fax cards if you run a fleet of machines.


Secure printing with proximity card reader

Imagerunner advance Advanced Security

Canon copiers have evolved from being simple output devices to sophisticated office hubs. Printing securely is now easy with the optional proximity card reader. This device works seamlessly with software such as Uniflow to provide "follow me" printing solutions and copy cost accounting. Simply pass your proximity card over the reader to receive your prints, perfect if you have a fleet of machines in your organisation.


Imagerunner advance Advanced Specifications

The imageRUNNER Advance C5000 series boasts some impressive specifications:

  • Productive printing at between 30 and 51 ppm in colour & B&W
  • Intuitive user Interface
  • Multifunctional device offering Print, Copy, Scan & Fax
  • Space saving with internal finishing configuration
  • Stunning print quality
  • Powerful document collaboration

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5000 range, C3035i - C3045i - C5051i

Download Canon imageRUNNER C5000 series brochure

imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series Canon C5030 C5030i C5035 C5035i C5045 C5045i C5051 C5051i

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